Sanitary Sewer

A sanitary sewer carries the water from your sinks, showers, bathtubs, and toilets out of your home, business, or industrial property and takes it to the water treatment plant. If a sewer pipe breaks, sewage may leak into your yard or onto your commercial property. This can create an unpleasant, smelly and unsanitary situation. Clogs in your system can lead to backed-up drains or toilets in your home or business.

Signs You Have Clogs in Your Sewer System

Sewer lines can become clogged due to items flushed down your toilet, food scraps in the kitchen sink, soap build-up, or other types of debris entering your system. In some cases, tree roots can grow into sewer lines. This disrupts the flow of used water away from your property. Tree roots can also potentially create holes that allow sewage to leak out of the pipes.

The following issues can all signify clogged sanitary sewer lines or leaks.

sanitary sewer
  • Low water level in toilets
  • Unusual rodent or insect activity in your yard
  • Pooling water or excess moisture in your lawn
  • Sewage odors in your home
  • Slow-moving drains or gurgling noises from pipes
  • Backed up drains
  • Sewage in sinks, showers, or bathtubs
  • Unexpected increases in your water bill, indicating a leak in the system

When you contact us for sanitary sewer repairs, we use cameras to find the blockages or leaks in your sewer system. Then, we customize a plan to address your unique repair issues.

To protect the landscaping on your property, we work hard to minimize disruptions. When possible, we focus on trenchless sewer repairs involving drilling small holes straight to the problem areas on your sewer line.

Setting Up Sanitary Sewer Services

At WN Kirkland, we can replace septic systems with sewer lines. We also offer sewer line inspections, sanitary sewer repairs, and sewer cleaning. We are a family-owned business providing services to residential, commercial, and industrial clients in Spartanburg, Greenville, Anderson, Newberry, Rock Hill, and York, South Carolina and parts of Western North Carolina.

WN Kirkland has been in business since 1935, and our number one goal is to ensure satisfaction for all of our clients. Whether you need sanitary sewer services for your home, your business, or your industrial facility, we treat you like family, and we work hard to make sure you get the high-quality services you need. To learn more or to get an estimate for sanitary sewer services, contact us today.

In these busy times, we sometimes forget to share our appreciation for those around us, but I wanted to take a moment to express my sincere gratitude to you and your staff. For over 30 years of my professional career, you and W.N. Kirkland have always been a trusted partner to me and my associated firms. Whether small or large, I can always count on you to deliver unmatched service and quality to all our projects. Your willingness to help me and my clients with your knowledge of the mechanical trades is an invaluable resource and is greatly appreciated and I hope that this relationship continues for years to come.

Michael Thompson