Fire Services

Protect Your Property with Fire Services

A fire protection sprinkler system protects your home, investment property, business, or industrial facility from fire. It also helps you avoid liability, injuries, and property damage associated with fires. At WN Kirkland, we install, repair, and service fire suppression and sprinkler systems.  

Fire Protection Services

Fires in homes and businesses injure and kill multiple people every year, while also creating a significant amount of property damage and destruction. To protect your family, your customers, and your assets, you need a quality fire protection and sprinkler system.

At W.N. Kirkland, we offer the following fire services to our residential, commercial, and industrial clients:

  • Designing fire suppression and sprinkler systems
  • Installing fire suppression and sprinkler system
  • Upgrading or altering sprinkler systems
  • Extending sprinkler systems to other areas of your property
  • Repairing fire systems, including emergency repairs
  • Replacing sprinkler heads
  • Fixing leaks in pipes
  • Testing systems
  • Installing fire pumps
  • Assessing sprinkler systems for unsafe issues or code violations

Advantages of a Fire Sprinkler System

In some cases, for instance, in schools, commercial kitchens, or other industrial facilities, you may be legally obligated to have a fire sprinkler or suppression system in place. In other cases, you may opt to install a fire sprinkler and suppression system on your own. It’s a smart option to consider because fire protection systems offer a host of benefits.

Sprinkler systems respond automatically when they detect fires in your home or commercial property. In fact, long before firefighters arrive on the scene, your fire protection system gets to work, putting out the fire. Fire sprinklers and suppression systems prevent the spread of fire by dealing with fires as soon as they start. These systems also help minimize smoke and heat, reducing the potential damage on your property. Additionally, these fire protection systems tend to use less water than hydrants or hydraulic hose reels.

So, fire protection systems protect your property and its occupants. In fact, in some cases, fire systems can even help you get a discount on your home or business insurance. Since the fire systems monitor your facility for smoke or flames, they reduce the need for round-the-clock on-site security.

So, do you need fire protection services? Then, contact the experts at WN Kirkland Inc today. We work with residential, commercial, and industrial clients in Spartanburg, Greenville, Anderson, Newberry, Rock Hill, and York, South Carolina and throughout Western North Carolina. We have been in business since 1935, and we are committed to providing our customers with the highest level of satisfaction possible.

Metal Builders, Inc. has done business with W. N. Kirkland for the past 35 years. During that time we have never had an unpleasant issue with them. Their people are extremely well trained and always go beyond what is expected. Mike Kirkland, the owner, has always taken a personal hands-on, approach to any job they undertake. He makes sure the finished product is exactly what the customer expects. I can easily recommend them to anybody that needs any kind of plumbing from a simple stopped up drain to a water or sewer main for a commercial project. They can do it all and do it the way it is supposed to be done. Simply put, they are the best in town.

Everette Matthews