Institutional Plumbing

The plumbing used in institutional buildings typically receives much greater use than other commercial plumbing fixtures. That’s why it requires proper installation, a higher level of care and more consistent maintenance than traditional commercial plumbing. 

At WN Kirkland, we understand that, when it comes to institutional plumbing, the requirement for high reliability extends to all components of the building’s plumbing system, including the pipes and fixtures. 

The experts at WN Kirkland have been serving institutions in Spartanburg and surrounding areas all across South Carolina and Western North Carolina for over 80 years. No matter how large or small your institution, our team has the knowledge, skills, and experience needed to handle all of your plumbing requirements. 


Institutional plumbing installation can include the initial installation of a plumbing system in a new building or the replacement or upgrade of existing pipe and fixtures. 

institutional bathroom sinks

Interior fixtures for institutional bathrooms and kitchens include toilets, showers, faucets, sinks, dishwashers, and garbage disposals, water heaters, drains and more.

The installation of exterior plumbing features such as sewage systems and swimming pools may require excavation. This is often part of a remodeling project. They may also require the installation of additional components such as pumps and circulators. Additional exterior plumbing fixtures include piping and pneumatic systems.


When plumbing issues occur in an institution, they can often affect the entire building. The most common institutional plumbing repairs include clogged drains, broken water heaters or boiler, defective fixtures, and more. Clearing drains in an institution often requires hydro-jetting.

Institutional plumbing repairs may also include the replacement of pipes, which can often be accomplished through trenchless repair. This method allows us to replace pipes without the excavation that traditional methods require. During a pipe repair, our team may also use advanced technology to locate pipes. This limits the need for digging or probing. Additionally, we offer regular maintenance visits to help local institutions prevent future problems. 

Serving Spartanburg and Beyond for Institutional Plumbing and More 

WN Kirkland Inc. has been serving the institutional plumbing needs of Spartanburg, SC businesses and families for more than 80 years. Since 1935, we have been dedicated to providing quality service and excellent customer care to our friends, neighbors, and community. Contact us today!

In these busy times, we sometimes forget to share our appreciation for those around us, but I wanted to take a moment to express my sincere gratitude to you and your staff. For over 30 years of my professional career, you and W.N. Kirkland have always been a trusted partner to me and my associated firms. Whether small or large, I can always count on you to deliver unmatched service and quality to all our projects. Your willingness to help me and my clients with your knowledge of the mechanical trades is an invaluable resource and is greatly appreciated and I hope that this relationship continues for years to come.

Michael Thompson